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jeudi 27 décembre 2012

Freedom for Alfon

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are writing to you to ask for your support for our campaign for the release of Alfonso Fernández.

The Spanish media, under instructions from the Ministry for the Interior, are maintaining almost absolute silence about the case, publishing only defamatory comments about Alfon, the trade unions and the workers who resist the onslaughts of capitalism.

For this reason, we have no alternative other than to make our voice heard beyond their reach.

In Vallecas, the Madrid working-class neighbourhood where Alfon is from, we have already held several actions; more than 4000 neighbours turned out on our recent march. In the coming days, we plan to hold a concentration in front of the Ministry of the Interior and a march to Madrid V prison, in Soto del Real, Madrid, where Alfon is being held.

On 28 December, along with a range of political, neighbourhood, trade union and other organisations, we are holding concentrations outside all Government Delegations in all Spanish provincial capitals at 7.00 pm.

In the rest of Europe, and wherever, throughout the WORLD, we can make our voices heard and find support and solidarity, concentrations will be held outside each SPANISH EMBASSY (or Consulate, as the case may be (time will be announced via poster)

We also ask you to call, write, petition, to whomever you can, seeking support and solidarity for Alfon.
We are attaching here the form letter to be sent to the Spanish Ambassador in your country (translation attached for your convenience), and we welcome any initiatives you may have.

Thanking you in advance for your support, we send you our warmest international greetings from the Platform for Freedom for Alfon.

United we stand!

Victory to the workers!


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